Enable dead keys on international keyboards in XDM with SUN Solaris

By Juan Antonio Marín Beltrán (tonin AT uco.es), April 2004.
Edited by Mike Eriksen

Many locales (Spanish, French...) need to use "dead keys" to compose characters like é, á, ì... Dead keys in Thinstation 2.0 does not work directly with SUN Solaris servers, but this guide shows how to fix it:

First, create the file xmodmap_linux with this content:

keycode 48 = SunFA_Acute SunFA_Diaeresis
keycode 34 = SunFA_Grave SunFA_Circum

Next, on the Solaris server edit the XSession file to include these lines:

/usr/openwin/bin/xdpyinfo | grep -i vendor | grep -i xfree86 > /dev/null 2>&
[ $? -eq 0 ] && /usr/openwin/bin/xmodmap /usr/openwin/lib/xdm/xmodmap_linux

Doing this, there is no need to change anything in Thinstation.