Booting Thinstation from a Hard Disk using Syslinux.

By Patrick Steele, Mayville State University (Patrick_Steele AT
Edited by Mike Eriksen
February 2004

This HOWTO apply to Thinstation ver. 2.0-beta5 or newer.

You can boot Thinstation from a hard disk using either Loadlin or Syslinux. Loadlin use a DOS file system, whereas syslinux use - well, linux! This HOWTO describes how to setup Thinstation using syslinux.

I've found the easiest way to do this is as follows (you should have both a MS Windows PC & a Linux PC to get this set up):

I don't think I forgot anything... if I did, feel free to use the Thinstation mailing list to ask questions.

It usually takes me a couple tries before I get all the configuration settings right, so if it doesn't come up right the first time, don't get discouraged. Just take a closer look at the config files, rebuild, and try again. Once I get everything right, I take the boot floppy and CD I create and make a new bootable CD, so I don't have to carry around both a floppy and CD.