FAQ (by Mike Eriksen)
Howto: Creating a thin-client for the Windows Environment using "ThinStation" (by Paolo Salvan)
Howto: Booting Thinstation from Compact Flash (by Lars Karlslund)
Howto: Booting Thinstation from a Hard Disk using Syslinux (by Patrick Steele)
Howto: Thinstation and MS Remote Installation Services (by Wolfgang Sauer)
Howto: Seamless Integration of Client Side Floppies and CD-ROMs with MS Windows Terminal Servers (by Robbo Aylett)
Howto: Running a non-RIS TFTP server as a service in MS Windows server (by Zack Forsyth)
Howto: Enable dead keys on international keyboards in XDM with SUN Solaris (by Juan Antonio Marín Beltrán)
Howto: Comprehensive Thinstation installation guide in a MS Windows environment (by Zach Forsyth)

Current release (Thinstation 2.0)

Readme file of current release
Sample configuration file
Sample build file


Configuring Windows 2000 for Etherboot by Paul Whittaker
Thinstation and VIA Epia - a perfect match! (hardware advocacy) by Mike Eriksen



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