Main distribution

Thinstation latest version, hosted in Sourceforge download section.

Prebuilt images

The fastest way to get Thinstation up-and-working; with this packages, you can setup a Thinstation infrastructure in half an hour.
This solution is ideal for Windows users, as you don't require a Linux box to build the image.
Using prebuilt images, btw, doesn't let you exploit all the Thinstation features and flexibility.


A 100+ Mb tarball containing the sources of all the applications making up Thinstation... For developers only!



Universal network boot floppy

This smart boot floppy contains more than 30 network drivers!
You can now use a single 80Kb etherboot floppy to remotely boot all the PCs of your network.

Etherboot PXE loader

If you want to use PXE to remotely boot from your etherboot ".nbi" boot image, this is the simplest solution: just add this small loader in your tftp root, change a line in the Dhcp configuration, and it's all done!




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