Thinstation authors

Miles Roper [mroper AT]
Miles Roper is 30 years old, works for the Public health system in New Zealand. He specialises in Unix, Networking and Database development.
He is recently married. His interests are gardening, computing and Linux.

Paolo Salvan [psalvan AT]
Web-site, howto, pre-built images, beta testing
Paolo Salvan is 27 years old, works professionally as a developer and thin-client consultant at XVision, Italy.

Mike Eriksen [km_eriksen AT]
Faq Maintainer, beta testing
Mike Eriksen is 39 years and working at Department of Chemistry, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark.
He works with catalysis and IT infrastructure at the department.

Lars Karlslund [lars AT]
Developer, Tarantella package maintainer
Lars works professionally with embedded systems at LeiCeps, Denmark

Netstation orginal author

Francisco Castro [frank23 AT]


Roland [devzero AT]
Beta tester - especially Citrix ICA
Testing remote booting from windows machine
Digging the net - looking out for inspiration

Paul Whittaker [Paul.Whittaker AT]
The author of diet-pc project
Nice source to borrow some ideas ;)

Tom Davidson [netstation AT]
Several patches to scripts in netstation

Ben Chapman [benjamin-chapman AT]
MD5Crypt Generator

Evzen Gros [Evzen.G AT]
A lot of patches & enhancements for blackbox/supermount
ica-wfc package



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