Mailing lists

General discussions about Thinstation:  thinstation-general

If you have problems using Thinstation, this is the right place to ask for help!

Note: before sending a mail, you must read the FAQ, as 70% of the times you will find your answer here!

In the mailing-list support request, please specify:

  • Which version of Thinstation are you using
  • If it is a beta, be sure you are using the latest beta available
  • Which boot method you are using (etherboot, pxe, cdrom....)
  • Which hardware you have in the client (ram, video card, NIC...)
  • Which software are you using on the server for dhcp/tftp
  • Your build.conf
  • Your thinstation.conf

Discussions on Thinstation development:  thinstation-developer

Here developers exchange ideas about Thinstation development, bugs, new feature, and future directions...
Have you found a bug?
Have you got some nice idea you consider useful for the next release of Thinstation?
Do you want to use some hours of your time helping Thinstation development?
This is the right place for you!



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